About Us

Belle Ame Cosmetics is an all-inclusive brand catering to all colors, shapes, sizes, and personalities. The goal of this brand is not only to enhance your beauty externally but to also encourage you to be beautiful from the inside-out. Makeup is only an enhancement of your already evident beauty. It all starts from within. I want everyone who uses this brand to be encouraged to be their authentic selves. All others things will follow. Encourage others to love themselves. Let's heal the world from the inside-out.

Don't just wear Belle Ame Cosmetics. Be Belle Ame everyday. 

Makeup is ART. Beauty is SOUL. 


Meet our CEO

Xaviana "Gigi" Prothro is an entrepreneur and Freelance MUA who developed a passion for empowering women about 5 years ago when she began her artistry. Over the years she has met, shared laughs with, and encouraged hundreds of women to embrace their beauty. She has been blessed to be a part of many memorable moments in the lives of others. Her goal is to leave an impact on each soul she encounters. This brand allows her to send a little package of sunshine with each order. We hope that you'll accept it.